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Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
and perform in some ways because the momentum has changed back to a $31 stock. >> dennis, obviously your section in the journal covers things like marketing. i just wonder, from a marketing standpoint, they have only been public for not even a year. what kind of grade do you give them in building up to a hype for today? >> apple gets the a-plus, right? facebook, i'd give them, you know, a "b." good for what they are doing but a lot of what the magic of facebook is, from a stock standpoint, is about working with marketers, working with people who are building ad campaigns. they describe how they are actually getting over themselves, getting over their self regard, if you can put it that way and say, let's roll-up our sleeves and try to make some money for the advertisers spending money on us. that's the magic of facebook. it's less about the consumer interface and more about the business interface. >> dennis, thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> that does it for us on "squawk on the street." let's get to "half time" back at hq. >> carl, thanks very much. welcome to the "halftime" show. do
Jan 22, 2013 9:00am EST
is not going to change fundamentally what is going on in the real economy. atlanta fed president dennis lockhardt talked about cramer's rant and said, i believe that the correct policy posture is to let the markets work through the changes in risk appetite and pricing that are under way, but the market observations of one of my more strident counterparts -- and that is not jim cramer -- are worth sharing. jim, do you remember that day well? >> the market was down that day. you can't come out all the time and -- i don't know who their sources were, really. because they go on and on. that everything was going to be fine. the sources, you know, my trusted friends, colleagues have been in business a l time. they just weren't saying the same thing as the fed. it didn't actually -- it wasn't like i had a particular insight. there were a lot of people who thought this way. >> i was as well at that point, 2007, i remember your rant well because i said -- you know, i used to sit up in the back stairs, i thought, what in god's name is going on. i actually came down. i had no idea what that incred
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am EST
be building? editor at "the wall street journal," dennis, everyone has had their turn to guess. it's now your turn. what do you think it is? >> i'm going to go with some sort of hand-fisted advertising support tool, marketing enhancement, really kind of boring stuff kind of announcement, carl. i'm sorry. >> why something that it not a little more exciting or a little more direct. >> as julia boorstin reported out, why not livestream this. if this was really a facebook phone or os, you'd want actual images. you'd want to create that type of vibe and momentum. this is going to be a little more low key and for that reason, at least reading from the metafactors, i think it's a little something unexciting. >> interesting, isn't it it, whether it's been intentional or not, they have timed this pretty well. the stock we know has done well. the flows apparently are coming in from people selling apple. even though that some say facebook is losing its cool factor, there is probably no better time to do this than today. >> no, it's a nice moment. long term getting into searches is a much more exciting o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3